As Music Director at University of Cologne many of the concerts I am involved in as performer are part of the Collegium musicum program, the department I am head of. I am honored and grateful to have the opportunity to share the stage with so many talented and commited musicians and singers regurlarly. Planning, rehearsing and performing a huge variety of music with them is a great privilege and pleasure.

Ocassionally I have also the pleasure to conduct abroad, either "my" ensembles or groups of colleagues (or both), mostly as part of exchange projects between universitys - which is incredibly rewarding and fun to do.


Additionally, there are the concerts with the  I am artistic director of, as well as appearances as guest conductor with other groups from time to time and concerts I am part of as organist or pianist as a guest.   


The current program of the Collegium musicum:


To stay tuned about forthcoming concerts follow the Collegium musicum at University of Cologne on Facebook


An archive of all concerts staged by the Collegium musicum since winter 2008, many of which I was involved in, is on hand here:



Here  is a sample of "my" recording of Mozart's Requiem completed by Duncan Druce, a studio recording.



Some impressions of rehearsals and performances:



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